Digital Art installation by Plymouth University researcher in Hong Kong

Plymouth University researcher David Strang, together with Vincent Van Uffelen, has created a digital art installation entitled Transmission+Interference, which is currently being exhibited in Hong Kong at the annual ISEA conference. The ISEA is one of the most prominent arts and technology events in the world, bringing together scholarly, artistic, and scientific domains.

Originally installed in Vienna in March 2016, Strang and Uffelen’s interactive installation is one outcome of an on-going collaborative project in which they explore the relationships between light, sound and object. Consisting of three parts, it investigates the potential for using digital devices to create a synesthetic system that enables messy and playful ways of communication.

Transmission Interface

Strang and Van Ufferlen’s Transmission+Interference is part of an exhibition of 14 artworks presented by the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA project in Hong Kong. Funded by the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, this transdisciplinary research focuses on the technological, aesthetic and media conditions which make it possible to provide synesthetic experiences for individuals. .


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