20 February 2017: Lecture on Big Data & Social Listening

“Big Data and Social Listening”

a lecture by Lisa Talia Moretti

Monday 20 February 2017 at 11am in Scott Building room 102, University of Plymouth


This lecture will focus on the evolution of methods within the field of digital research related to the large amounts of data that are becoming available. It will interrogate both the idea and the practices of open data and big data. Alongside this, through the lenses of power, privacy and ethics, we’ll consider and critique the major method being employed to collect this data, social listening.

Lisa Talia Moretti is a digital sociologist and strategist with 10 years experience based in London. Lisa has worked as a researcher, strategist, editor and educator for over 30 major international brands including Microsoft, Adobe, Hyatt Hotels, Dulux, Starwood Hotels, IKEA and National Geographic. During this time, she’s also presented and run workshops all around the world (from London to South Africa, Zurich to Russia) to audiences on the impact, opportunities and challenges of social media and technology.

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