eAssessment Special Interest Group update

Many thanks to all those colleagues who have attended the first two meetings of the eAssessment Special Interest Group. We have had a range of people attend from both academic and professional services. So far the group had discussed and compiled a list of some of the existing eAssessment practices across the institution and the benefits and challenges faced in these contexts. We have identified a range of new eAssessment activities or tools that colleagues would like to use and are looking at how we may be able to test some of these, and most recently, we shared different ways to give feedback online using Moodle and a range of methods including audio and screencast feedback and marking guides and rubrics.

The overall aims of the group are below:

  • Learning from each other by sharing current practice from across the University
  • Discussing what eAssessment looks like in a range of contexts
  • Offer/receive help and advice in the use of eAssessment tools to ensure we can align practice and policy
  • Discussing current eAssessment issues, possible solutions and work a rounds
  • Discussing ‘Where next?’ what are the future needs and requirements that can help shape the future of the product and also feed into the strategic direction for eAssessment

The next meeting is from 10-12 on 28th June.

Please contact emma.purnell@plymouth.ac.uk of you are interested in attending the next meeting or are interested in accessing resources we have been collating as a group.

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