eSubmission Moodle Assignment Update

During the recent Moodle upgrade there were a few changes made to the Moodle Assignment eSubmission tool. The recommended process of bulk download and upload still works in the same way, but there is a new ‘grade’ button that makes online annotations easier. The format of Turnitin originality reports will be changing soon to reflect Turnitin’s improvements to accessibility, responsiveness, and navigation in the rebranded ‘Feedback Studio’.

Annotating submissions
(taken from the Moodle Community site)
If the student has uploaded a PDF, docx or odt file, then their submission will be converted into a PDF and displayed on the grading screen, using a variety of tools, stamps and comments which may be saved to a comments bank. When the annotations are complete, clicking to save the changes will result in it being displayed to the student as part of their feedback.

A full list of file types that can be converted can be found here


NB: To ensure that comments display to students as the marker intends, do instruct students to download the annotated PDF rather than just previewing it. Preview sometimes displays comments in a way which obscures the original text.

Turnitin Feedback Studio

Screenshot of a Turnitin report displayed in the new Turnitin Feedback Studio mode


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