eSubmission Troubleshooting

Common Troubleshooting Issues:  

‘View grade all submissions’ – nothing to display:

  • Check all filters in options are set to ‘none’ and that the alphabet filter at the top is set to ‘all’

Grades haven’t transferred to UNIT-e:

  • Link to UNIT-e in common module settings not enabled
  • If you enable the setting after you have released the grades to students, please re-release the grades after enabling the setting to ensure the transfer is initiated

Students can’t see feedback:

  • Anonymity hasn’t been removed (grading action – ‘reveal student identities’)
  • Marking workflow has been changed to ‘released’ (with selected dropdown at the bottom – set marking workflow state – on the second page set the marking workflow to ‘released’, then save)

Group submission: students can see other student work:

  • Groups have not been set up and enabled. Moodle treating the cohort as one big class
  • This can’t be fixed, the eSubmission will need to be recreated after groups have been set up and the original one hidden/deleted

Student has submitted an unknown file type:

  • PDFs can be converted to Word using Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Refer to submission of coursework guidance if file corrupt (eSubmission help and guidance policies section)
  • Ensure file type required is specified to students before submission

Turnitin report not generated:

  • Check error message – if student hasn’t clicked the license agreement they need to resubmit
  • Still says ‘Pending’ after significant time. Report to Service Desk
  • Check file size: Turnitin has 40mb max upload limit

Help Available:

Staff: eSubmission Help and Guidance 

Student: eSubmission Help and Guidance

Service Desk Ext: 88588 or


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