Innovate, Create, Collaborate. with Google +.

One of the problems of working in a large organisation is linking events and knowledge between departments and sharing best practice. Without having a protocol for absolutely everything, and enabling creativity and innovation to take a forefront in how we work, how can we collaborate and form these links between staff students, between schools and faculties to be a better, stronger, more efficient university?

I’m not saying I have the ultimate answer to this, but ┬áhave been demonstrating software to groups within the university to enable collaboration, and the possibility of using social media for this has been a discussion point in the learning technology office for some weeks.

So on this topic I ask the question – What do we want collaborative software to do?

Is it simply a place to put information? or to communicate? to demonstrate, or to search for information? or all of these?

Whatever your needs, currently we are trialling using google + and google drive for collaboration and I have put together the following presentation as a handy help guide for sharing documents and video conferencing.

If you are using google + and would like help or if you have questions about anything in the presentation, please contact Theresa Compton, Learning Technologist.


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  1. Galit Wiener
    June 7, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Google+ as been laughed at a lot since it was launched but I have to admit it, this tool is amazing and we use it quite a lot.

    the company E-mails are integrated with apps,

    the Google drive is an amazing tool to Edit, share and collaborate work on Excel documents

    and we use the Hangout tool for many of our inside meetings, we encourage everyone to use them – this post really sums up the basic uses and feature of it.

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