will become LinkedIn Learning

On Tuesday 29th January, will upgrade to LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning will still contain all the great content as, but will provide a more personalised experience, allowing users a more seamless approach to professional development.

Personal accounts will be upgraded from 07:00AM on Tuesday, 29th January 2019, at which time you will no longer be able to access But don’t worry, all your learning activity and history will be seamlessly transferred to ‘LinkedIn Learning’. Please note the learning service will be unavailable for 24 hours while the migration takes place, therefore access to ‘LinkedIn Learning’ will be available from 07:00AM on Wednesday, 30th January 2019.

Why should I use LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning combines industry-leading content from with personalised course recommendations based on insights from LinkedIn’s network, all in a redesigned easy-to-use experience.

LinkedIn Learning can be delivered where you are already spending time – whether that’s on a mobile device, on LinkedIn, or embedded within the Digital Learning Environment.

You will still be able to do all the fantastic things you could do before in, including:

  • assign tutorials for project or course work
  • incorporate individual videos or courses in your curriculum
  • keep track of your course history and recent activity
  • bookmark your favourite courses or videos
  • earn certificates of course completion and share these on your LinkedIn profile
  • download and watch offline on tablet, phone or laptop
  • speed up and slow down the presenter, choosing to watch a course in half the time, or helping you concentrate on complex subjects
  • use the transcript to read ahead or jump to a section further on in the video
  • curate and share collections with friends or colleagues

LinkedIn Learning has many additional features to allow learners a more integrated personalised experience, thereby making the learning experience more relevant and applicable.

The new integration allows you to:

  • link your personal LinkedIn profile and view other people on LinkedIn – seeing what skills they have, and start learning immediately
  • view the profiles of people you admire or wish to emulate, in LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Learning will suggest content to help you learn similar skills.
  • use Learning Paths, where industry experts can teach you the knowledge and skills to start your career

Do I need to do anything during the upgrade?

The upgrade process is fully automated, and you will be notified by email once the upgrade has completed, giving you an option to link to your personal LinkedIn account or to create a new one.
All your previous learning history will be carried over automatically, meaning you can enjoy the new benefits straight away.

Further Support

If you would like further guidance and advice on how you can use LinkedIn Learning within your teaching, please email the ASTI team at:

Should you experience any technical difficulties after the upgrade date, please contact Support Desk via the IT Self Service, and log-in with your usual UOP username and password.

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