PebblePad: Student help and training for 2017/18

In response to the many significant improvements made to PebblePad over the past year, ASTI has created a series of simple videos to be used for student induction sessions. We are confident these can be used to replace previous face to face sessions, freeing up valuable time to focus on discussing the tasks required of your students:

Setting up your workspaces and workbooks

As always, we have support guides and videos for getting workspaces and workbooks ready for your students, and if you need further assistance we are on hand to help.

New videos for students

We strongly recommend that you create some guidance for students explaining the task required of them (e.g. capturing evidence for accreditation) which you can use in conjunction with these technical “how to” videos.
Our guidance videos and documentation cover:

Core guidance

  1. What is PebblePad – getting started, finding your workbook and saving.
  2. Workbooks – completing the workbook, attaching evidence, finding feedback.

Optional (dependent on tasks)

  1. Pages – how to create and attach them to a workbook.
  2. Blogs – how to create and attach them to a workbook.
  3. Sharing, tagging, deleting
  4. Using PebblePocket

We will be in touch soon…
Expect us to be in touch soon with details about the videos and suggestions on how to use them with your students.

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