PebblePad Upgrade Success!

On the 4th Sept the University upgraded to the latest version of PebblePad. This new and improved version consists of two components:

Pebble+ – a personal space to create and upload different files and assets.

ATLAS (Active Teaching, Learning and Assessment Space) – a place to share work with tutors and for tutors to provide feedback.

PebblePad now has a simplified look and feel with many new features. Some of the new features include: multi-tasking, template driven asset types, improved mobile browsing and features, and the ability to upload and embed videos, audio and images into assets. Tutors also have added functionality on workspaces including: shared resources that auto-submit, the ability to create groups and sets, the option to limit submission types and amounts, and improved marking facilities.

If you used the previous version of PebblePad all of your assets and files will automatically migrated and will be waiting for you to view and use once you login. You will continue to access PebblePad at the same address as beforeĀ or via the portal using your university login details.

Help can be found at or by simply clicking the question mark button in the top right corner once logged into PebblePad. You can find out more information at the TEL website here and workshops can be booked here

Promotional materials have been placed around the campus to raise awareness of the upgrade.

Awareness poster

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