Talking TEL with Rob Garraghan

Rob Garraghan, Employability Assistant within the Employability Service answers our TEL themed questions:

What is your earliest memory of digital technology in the classroom?
Module assessment forms being processed electronically.

Which digital technology do you use most in your teaching/work practice, and why?
Digital Learning Environment. A system was implemented to reduce administration within the department, transferring away from an Outlook/Excel intensive process in favour of eSubmission capabilities contained within the DLE.
The DLE has allowed us to empower students through the inclusion of a bespoke platform configured in a way which suits our students and the work we undertake. This platform allows us to provide information, advice and digital resources to students, as well as clear structure to our systems and processes. This was not previously possible using Outlook/Excel.

What benefits do you think this technology has for students?
Through effective and appropriate use of the DLE, the department has nurtured a structured, robust and malleable environment which services the needs of those teaching, the students, and the institution.

Which technologies have you found to be the most influential over the past 10 years in your teaching?
Digital Learning Environment, Plymouth University App.

What do you predict will be the biggest or most exciting development in education/digital technologies over the next 5 years?
Portfolio technologies (i.e. Pebblepad), Digital Learning (i.e. webinars).

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Rob Garraghan

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