TurningPoint v5 – Lectern software

The University has now updated all its lectern software to TurningPoint v5 (image1).

TurningPoint 5 interface

image 1. TurningPoint 5 interface

Those that have used this system before will notice that the new interface is different to the previous version and now incorporates a three in one software package. ‘PowerPoint Polling’ is the most commonly used ‘TurningPoint’ application, but I would urge users to check out ‘Anywhere Polling’, which can be used with any software or interface and will give you more flexibility when using this system. Finally, one of the strengths of this particular system is the user ability to test the software and presentation locally by using a simulation mode (image 2) and without the use of the Personal Response System (PRS) equipment (the clickers – image 3)

image 2. Simulation mode dropdown

image 3. Clicker & Dongle (receiver)

Here are a few links which you may find useful when using these devices:

Here are a few YouTube videos I found interesting, but there are many more if you search online for them:

If you would like to tryout TurningPoint, or use it with your own students, then contact the Learning Technology team who have 80 clickers for testing purposes.

Contact details

Academic Support, Technology & Innovation
Room 105,
3 Endsleigh Place.
Tel: 01752 587600
Email: asti@plymouth.ac.uk

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