Using Marking or Student Groups on Moodle

The groups function on Moodle allows for marking or student groups to be set up. There are different types of groups that can set up, depending on how you want to use them:


Group Choice Activity: I want my students to choose their own groups on Moodle

The group choice activity allows students to add themselves to an empty group within a course that has been set up in advance. The teacher can set up and select the groups offered, and set the maximum number of students allowed in each group.

The students can view the members of each group before making a selection, and (if the teacher allows it) change their selection prior to the deadline. Students may also choose more than one group  (if it has been set up in this way).

NB: We advise that this tool is set up at least a week ahead of setting up the submission, to allow students enough time to choose a group and to enable tutors to finalise the groups.

Access the step by step help guide


Manually Create Groups: I have predefined student groups and I want to use these with activities on Moodle.

You may already have a list of students in groups and want them to work together on a specific Moodle activity, such as submitting a group assignment. Using your list of groups, you can set up the empty groups and then allocate the students yourself. These are then bundled together as a grouping and can be selected in the group settings in the eSubmission set up.

NB: Groups need to be created before creating an assignment.

Access the step by step help guide.


Auto Create Groups: I need groups of 3/4/5 students but want each group to be selected randomly.

If you would you like to set up a group assignment using groups that have random student membership, you can decide on the number of groups and the amount of members in each group.

NB: Groups need to be created before creating an assignment.

Access the step by step help guide.


Marker Allocation Groups: I want to divide the student cohort so that each tutor marks a selection of the total.

Tutor or marking groups can be set up and allocated to tutors so that they only view their students in the grading table when they need to allocate marks and feedback.

NB: These marker groups can be set up after the assignment is live, but must be set up before marking begins.

Access the step by step guide.


Additional help:

ASTI can check your groups settings and/or submissions before you make them live. Simply complete this form.

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