Xerte Online Toolkits – moving forward

Xerte Online Toolkits enable users to easily create accessible, interactive, and engaging e-learning resources, with no programming knowledge required. ASTI has been successfully providing this service to users across the University for a number of years.
It has been our aim to widen the user-base of this service and integrate it with other University systems and we are now pleased to announce that the Xerte Online Toolkits (Xerte) service has been adopted as a centrally supported University-wide service provided by TIS.

Acceptance into service by TIS brings with it several key improvements to the system. The progression to Xerte Online Toolkits version 3 provides the lastest improvements in end user experience and also brings a much updated editing interface.
The service is also now part of the wider single sign-on service: Your University login credentials will gain you access to Xerte at https://xerte.plymouth.ac.uk. All users with a university computing account can now log in, create, and edit their own Xerte learning objects.

Help and support with using Xerte is available in the support course.
For advice on good practice and sound pedagogic use of Xerte you can contact us at asti@plymouth.ac.uk.
For support with technical issues such as logging in, please contact servicedesk@plymouth.ac.uk.

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