‘Communication is not only about words’

Many thanks to our guest blogger Chris Burns for sharing with us his thoughts about the interactive seminar.

Communication is not only about words

By Chris Burns

(posted on May 27, 2016 by bekindtodisability)


‘Today has been a very busy day but I need to one more thing which I said I would do. This afternoon there was Beyond Words presentation at Plymouth University. The research project focuses on people who may not be able to communicate very well verbally or not in the same way as the general population. The research project also spoke to carers and family members who care for vulnerable relatives who have communication needs.  I have also taken part in it in a very small way.

Firstly it’s not only people with autism or those with learning disabilities who may have issues with verbal communication but also people who have had strokes and people with dementia.  Music can often help people who experience problems with communication. (in actual fact I’m listening to some music right now) Also the fragmentation of services was described as a real issue.  I can back this up as often finding out a single piece of information within the care and health system can be like working towards a PHD.  Also a communication issue may be felt by any age group or from any kind of backgrounds. The reason why I’m using my last legs of energy today writing this is many of the vulnerable people who I heard speaking today (and their families) I’m lucky enough to see every week.

Please look at the findings of the Beyond Words report and help those who may speak differently to the world around them. And some of you may see at the Funky Llama Festival 2016.’


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