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America decides
Apple Support at Plymouth University
Tech tips & tricks from the team at The CORE
The Arts Institute
Sharing knowledge and understanding about art and culture in inclusive, life affirming, challenging, informative and enjoyable ways
The Beyond Words Project
Plymouth Biomedical Sciences Blog
Business Blog
Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research & Assessment
Community and Primary Care Research Group
advancing person-centred care
Critical Fundraising
Critically evaluating
The Strategic CRM Project
Your chance to have your say - post a comment or share your thoughts....
In the Dancer's Mind
A Leverhulme Trust funded project
Deviant Leisure
Exploring the boundaries of leisure and crime
Digital Education team blog
Enhancing teaching and learning through technology
Digital Horizons
Division of Education and Scholarship
All welcome: with or without diagnosis
Embedded Systems
Just another Plymouth University Blogs site
Engaging Research
Find out about our engaging research and how we are having impact locally and across the world
Ehealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
Just another Plymouth University Blogs site
EPIC eHealth
Join the conversation with EPIC
Faculty of Business Insider
Fine Art blog
Reviews of talks by visiting artists/curators/critics
Functional Imagery Training Research Group
Just another Plymouth University Blogs site
Faculty of Business Educational Technology
Just another Plymouth University Blogs site
Functional Imagery Training
Translating cognitive theory into effective interventions to strengthen and train motivation for behaviour change
Gender, Power and Materiality in Early Modern Europe research network
Games and Simulation enhanced Learning
Infection prevention Control And ebola Resilience Education
Imagining Alternatives
with Feasts for the Future
Individuality Lab
"The things that make me different are the things that make me." A.A.Milne
Information Security
Providing information security awareness to staff and students
Interns in Sri Lanka
One country, one year, five interns.
iOS Development at Plymouth
Dean of Faculty's Blog, Science and Engineering
Head of School’s blog, School of Biological Sciences
News from Dr Mairi Knight
The Charles Seale-Hayne Library
Marine Research News
The MBERC Newsfeed
News of MBERC researchers and the work they do
Message: Communication Arts Research
Hugh's News
comments on current marketing topics
MVRG News Feed
the latest news from MVRG
The official Plymouth University student blogs
IHC Plymouth Case Study Research Project
Unfolding occupational therapy: Case by case
The Plymouth Autism Network
with Plymouth University
Plymouth Institute of Education
Deep Geothermal at the University of Plymouth
A project exploring the perceptions of geothermal power at United Downs in Cornwall
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