Make your digital content work for you

We can help you shape your digital content across all interest areas

Working together we can ensure your digital content is fit for purpose, that it does the required job for the intended audience; whether promoting a course, showcasing your latest research success stories, highlighting our community partnerships or sustainability achievements.

Think content!

Create digital content which is right for your audience.

Create digital content which is right for your audience.

What do you need your digital content to do for you? What are your desired goals? What actions would you like users to do once they land on your page? Is all your content necessary? Does some copy need to be edited and some things made to stand out more?

We can help you with these questions and more if you are a content owner or need some advice on digital content in any of the following areas:

  • new or existing course and programmes pages
  • corporate areas across student life, international Plymouth, your University and business and partners
  • research and expertise.

We’ll make your content work for you.

New course/programme pages

Using feature panels to showcase BMBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.

Using feature panels to showcase BMBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.

  • We can take your original copy and produce stream-lined and informative course pages which are consistent with the University’s tone of voice and ready to market your course effectively on our website.
  • We’ll showcase all the key features, the different building blocks and selling points which makes your course unique and vital to every student.
  • Does your course offer career-enhancing placements? Field trips which will help develop real life skills? Is your course recognised as being nationally accredited? Let’s place these pieces all together on your course page and show students the complete picture of how your course can benefit them during its duration and into their future.
  • Don’t hide away your great student case studies and graduate success stories – showcase them as visual feature panels on your course home page and let them tell future students all the benefits of your course.
  • Let’s promote our student’s work and follow their successful steps on the career ladder. Provide us with great imagery, videos and stand-out quotes and we can create image galleries and embed YouTube videos to really highlight why your course is the right choice.
  • Show everyone the great work and wealth of experience the staff behind our courses have. Keep your personal staff profile up to date and we can promote our staff on relevant courses pages and highlight the academic excellence and world-class research of our staff.
  • Check out these great examples of how we can tailor course pages which are right for you: BA (Hons) Media ArtsBMBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.

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