Google favours mobile-friendly sites in search rankings

Thinking mobile first - Plymouth University website viewed on a smart phone

Thinking mobile first

Google recently announced that it was changing its algorithms in order to rank mobile-friendly websites higher-up in search results. Google wanted to ensure that websites with high quality content, that are responsive across all mobile and tablet devices, are given greater visibility in a Google search (conducted on a mobile).

“This change couldn’t come soon enough.” said Paul Westmore, IT Director. “When we began the website refresh project an average of 20 per cent of traffic was conducted on a mobile device and we knew that this figure would only grow which is why we future-proofed our site and built it using a ‘mobile first’ approach. It is now very rewarding to see that this initiative has paid off and Google will be ranking our pages highly in their search results.”

Find out more about how Google has changed its search ranking criteria

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