Create Digital – what we do and how we can help you

The Digital Editorial Team is responsible for managing digital content and marketing activities across all digital and social media channels. We write, design, create, publish and maintain University content on our website, our digital screens and across our social media platforms.

How you can get in touch with us

If you previously ever have been, or are a current content contributor to the University’s external website, either through content creation/editing, or though submission of any content to go up onto the website, you should hopefully be aware of our email address – this is the main point of contact to get in touch with us for all your digital editorial content needs, questions and queries. You can also speak with us on our team phone number – call us today on +44 1752 584004.

Our doors are always open for you to come and see us as well. We are happy to sit down with you and talk through your requests. We welcome you to visit us in our project room, where you can find out what we’re working on, see our projects on the walls and the editorial calendar we work to. We can also come out to see you, whether at meetings or 1-1s, we are always happy to come along to discussions to gather ideas, provide feedback and work together towards a solution.

Our project room, complete with big screen and project boards

Our project room, complete with big screen and project boards

What we can do for you

Members of the Digital Editorial Team provide a one-stop delivery solution service for all your digital content needs. Our team manages, reviews and replies to the Create Digital inbox and logs jobs and actions them according to our Service Level Agreement (SLA), which is listed below.

All jobs are tracked from their original request through to completion using Trello boards, which allows for us to always see a clear overview of received jobs, queued and ordered by priority, alongside our on-going project work, which currently includes reviewing course pages in preparation for Clearing – this means we can always tell you the exact status of your job.

We can easily track jobs in action and their status, with any accompanying notes, enabling every member of the team to work-on, or pick-up any task when necessary. We also track any jobs that are pending, either on the actions of internal teams, our stakeholders, or any website/technical development, and all jobs that have been completed.

Create Digital Trello board

Create Digital Trello board

All jobs are given an estimated size, which allows us to share out and complete workload throughout the team according to our SLA, as well as to provide accurate statistics for our daily, weekly and monthly activity.

When you submit a job to, to ensure we can help you as efficiently as possibly, please let us know:

  • what your query or specific job request is
  • the urgency or timescale attached to the job
  • which digital platforms the job may span across – thinking about not just the web, but across social media and The House screen, for example
  • the main contact for the job.

To find out more about our team please visit our digital content webpage and explore more of our posts on this blog to find out what we are working on and for tips on creating the very best digital content.

Our Service Level Agreement

The Digital Editorial team endeavours to achieve the following levels of service:

Request and response

  • Content approval requests submitted by CMS users – within three working days
  • Minor text amendments and updates – within five working days
  • Providing advice and creating new content for the external website – scheduled according to scale, complexity and resources
  • Creating and scheduling of The House and campus Sia digital screens – within ten working days
  • Provision of analytics and SEO advice – within five working days
  • Medium scale changes to external website pages eg full page/site changes, design, multiple use of images, video etc – scheduled according to scale, complexity and resources, generally within five working days
  • Content management system (CMS) support – within five working days​​
  • Help and advice with digital imagery – within five working days
  • Urgent/high priority amendments – immediately or ASAP
  • Social media updates/event promotion – within three working days
  • Social media projects – within five working days

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