Low cost, high impact video …

Video content is everywhere. We are constantly looking for videos to answer our questions and guide our purchases. We consume them on our smart phones and tablets, share and like them on social media channels and often find them in search engine results.

Sometimes nothing less than a fully polished, edited and professionally produced video will do, but there’s also room for low tech, honest, authentic content, which is great news because often we don’t have the capacity, time or money to produce the former!

I had an email from Ray Jones in The School of Nursing and Midwifery last week asking me how he could go about producing a talking head video to promote a PhD opportunity. I gave him the usual contacts and thought we may hear something from him in a month or so. To my surprise three days later a video arrived in my inbox – not glossy, not expensive, not time consuming, but perfectly matched to the job in hand. Take a look at this video produced by previous PhD graduate Doctor Gillian Carter (the video is hosted on the University’s you Tube Channel)

I asked how Gillian produced the video, her response, “I just used the camera on my iPad with Adobe Premier app I think it was called so that it would ‘fade in’ and ‘fade out’”. Genius. Well targeted, honest, not too long, authentic and probably just what a prospective PhD student wants to see.

Thanks Gillian and Ray.

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