NEW IDEAS: Radically rethinking fundraising regulation to include duties to beneficiaries

Around the world, fundraising regulators focus their activities almost exclusively on acting in the interests of donors. Ian MacQuillin describes the change in regulatory philosophy that’s needed to bring beneficiaries into the frame.

KNOWLEDGE: More critical thinking at the Ask Direct Summer School

Another week, another conference. This time, it’s the Summer School, devised, hosted and run by Rogare Associate Member Ask Direct. Now in its third year, the event will take place at Trinity College in Dublin on Thursday 12 and Friday…

NEW IDEAS: How to put beneficiaries first, without throwing donors out with the bathwater

How can fundraisers reconcile the tensions between serving the needs of their donors and beneficiaries? Ian MacQuillin describes a new way to envision the role of fundraising within an organisation that might do the trick.

KNOWLEDGE: Exercise your critical thinking skills at the IoF convention this year

If you spend a day at the Institute of Fundraising’s national convention at the Barbican from July 2-4, you’re almost certainly guaranteed to come away with some top practical tips that you can implement in your fundraising on your very…

NEWS: How ought beneficiary stories be told? Evidence gives ‘tentative’ support to negative framing

The first report from an initiative that aims to “close the ideological gap” between fundraisers and service delivery teams charity beneficiaries in marketing materials has been published by the think tank Rogare. The first in a series of six green (discussion) papers…