OPINION: Blog digest January 2015

Each month, the Critical Fundraising blog presents a digest of the best fundraising-related blogs and articles that have adopted a critical fundraising mode of thought.


Does being donor-focused have to mean giving donors choice?

101 Fundraising

Offering donors choice might not always be the right thing to do. Matt Sherrington says it might not even be what they want.

Choice quote:

“Crowd-funding is fun, but it does put important work at the mercy of what donors are attracted to.”


Marketing is killing fundraising. Serioulsy???

Kivi’s NonProfit Communications Blog

Don’t let a few fundraising bloggers convince you there’s a marketing/branding bogeyman under your bed. Kivi Leroux Miller says marketing and fundraising can live in harmony.

Choice quote:

“The misguided people who make bad communications decisions in nonprofits are just as often the development directors or executive directors as the communications/marketing directors.”


The fundraising staffing crisis

Tobin Aldrich

It’s not that hard to come up with solutions to the fundraising staffing crisis, says Tobin Aldrich.

Choice quote:

“It’s very striking in charities in London, one of the most multi-cultural places on earth, that the fundraising teams are usually the least diverse parts of the organisation.”


Transparency is great, but not at the cost of a charity’s services

Guardian Voluntary Sector Network

Acevo’s director of public policy Asheem Singh takes issue with the ‘transparency hawks’ who demand that charities must be completely transparent in everything they do.

Choice quote:

“Transparency may be important but those who care must be clear-headed about the costs and risks, especially when people’s lives are at stake.”


What do all last year’s fundraising success stories have in common?

Institute of Fundraising blog

Answer: none of them was started by a professional fundraiser. Charlie Hulme wonders if that’s because fundraisers are ‘restricted’ by received best practice.

Choice quote

“I was creative director for a big international agency for years. Despite a combination of insisting and begging almost never did I get a brief that told me something I couldn’t have got from Google.”


Satire Can Be a Powerful Message for Nonprofits

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Justin Korda suggest nonprofits could achieve more by not always being quite so serious.

Choice quote:

“For those who think their causes are too serious to joke about, I encourage them to think again: Comedy uniquely possesses the uncanny ability to broach serious topics with apparent lightness.”


Donate your data – how your digital footprint can be used for the public good

The Conversation

As well as money, goods, voice, influence and time, people could also donate their data to good causes. Nottingham University’s Anya Skatova and James Goulding outline the pros and cons.

Choice quote:

“Unlike blood or money, data is something for which most of us have no use, nor has it any real monetary value to those of us that generate it, but it becomes valuable when combined with the data of others.”


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