NEWS: Two-year collaboration with Resource Alliance will explore what ‘tomorrow’s philanthropy’ might look like

Rogare – the fundraising think tank at Plymouth University’s Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy – has joined with the Resource Alliance in a two-year research collaboration to explore different philanthropic behaviours.

The research, supported by The Resource Alliance, will look at the relationships between different interventions and trends, such as social entrepreneurship, impact investment and venture philanthropy, as well as the methods of direct, donor-to-beneficiary support which cut out the ‘middleman’ nonprofit organisation.

The project will be led by Professor Adrian Sargeant, conducted during 2015, and presented at a range of Resource Alliance events throughout 2016. It aims to examine the perspectives, as well as the contrasts and comparisons of each approach, develop a rich picture of how this complex system is changing, and speculate what the landscape might look like a decade from now, along with the implications this will have on resource generation, policies and practice.

Kyla Shawyer, Resource Alliance’s ceo, says:

Kyla Shawyer“As traditional models of giving are being challenged by new kinds of social investment, it’s more crucial than ever to understand the different ways in which people give, the strengths and weaknesses, and how they work together. What are the temporary fads and what are the game-changing trends?

“We believe that this research will help fundraisers to understand these emerging models, how they affect the sector and very importantly, how they impact on social change.”

The Resource Alliance will also assist Rogare in internationalising its advisory panel of senior and emerging sector thinkers and will host a meeting of the panel at the IFC in 2015 and 2016. Kyla Shawyer, and Laura Boulton, Resource Alliance’s conference and strategy director, will take up positions on the panel. The Resource Alliance will also nominate a person to serve on the board of the Rogare’s parent body, the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy.

Rogare’s director Ian MacQuillin says: “Resource Alliance’s ability to convene leading edge thinkers from the world of social impact and our ability to do leading edge research will help us to drive an international research agenda that will strengthen fundraising and philanthropy globally. By collaborating with the Resource Alliance, we can ensure our work will benefit all fundraisers, in all nonprofits, in all countries.”

Details about how to apply to join the Advisory Panel will be announced shortly.



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