KNOWLEDGE: Rogare’s recommendations for IoF National Convention

The Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention takes place in London next week. As usual it will mix sessions that offer practical fundraising advice with those that explore bigger themes and issues. Here Rogare and our Associate Members offer our recommendations for those sessions looking at the bigger issues through a critical fundraising lens.



What: Defining, developing and delivering a culture of philanthropy

Who: Nicola Tallett, THINK Consulting Solutions; Emma Whitcombe, MS Society

When: Monday 6 July, 11:00

Why Rogare is recommending it:

Fundraisers need to improve relationships with colleagues and ensure everyone supports the work of the fundraising department.


Rapidata recommends Rapidata_Logo small

What: Impact and action

Who: Alan Clayton, Revolutionise

When: Monday 6 July, 11:00

Why Rapidata is recommending this:

If you haven’t seen Alan in action, this is a worthwhile 90 minutes.


What: Outstanding fundraising: characteristics of excellence

Who: Adrian Sargeant, Plymouth University

When: Monday 6 July, 15:00

Why Rogare is recommending it:

Not just the theory and explanation behind what makes great leadership in fundraising, but how great fundraising leaders use that to transform their organisations.


What: Red ocean, blue ocean – a new approach to strategy

Who: Angela Cluff, The Management Centre

When: Monday 6 July, 15:00

Why Rogare is recommending it:

Introducing a theory of management strategy that has been around in the commercial world for about 10 years. We’re interested to find out if the blue ocean/red ocean concept can assist fundraising make the transition in professional ethics the current situation demands.


HOME Fundraising recommends  HOME cropped

WhatThe next big thing: behavioural economics

Who: Omar Mahmoud, Unicef International; Bernard Ross, The Management Centre

When: Monday 6 July, 16:30

Why HOME Fundraising is recommending this:

A great introduction into the principles of behavioural economics, and a must attend for all interested in how it can inform your fundraising activity, delivered by two very engaging presenters.



WhatStrengthening Fundraising Standards: IoF’s Code review and ensuring the best fundraising experience for everyone

Who: Peter Lewis, Institute of Fundraising; Alastair McLean, FRSB; Richard Taylor, Institute of Fundraising; Sarah Atkinson, Charity Commission

When: Tuesday 7 July, 09:30

Why Rogare is recommending it:

Too important not to have a view on.


Rapidata recommends Rapidata_Logo small

What: How loyal are your donors?

Who: Jon Kelly, Wood for Trees; Roger Lawson, Revolutionise; Adrian Sargeant, Plymouth University

When: Tuesday 7 July, 11:00

Why Rogare is recommending it:

First presentation of new groundbreaking research into the drivers of donor loyalty.


What: Are you really proud to be a fundraiser?

Who: Ian MacQuillin, Plymouth University

When: Tuesday 7 July, 11:00

Why Rogare is recommending it:

If the fundraising profession is going to win over doubters in the current climate, what role can professional pride play?


What: Reframing the interaction between fundraisers and donors

Who: Beth Breeze, Kent University; Chris Cox, University of Manchester; John McLouglin, Kent University

When: Tuesday 7 July, 11:55

Why we are recommending this:

Arguing for a ‘new frame’ for understanding how major gift fundraisers and donors ‘negotiate’ their relationship.


What: How not to hate your agency

Who: Lucy Caldicott, consultant; Reuben Turner, Good Agency.

When: Tuesday 7 July, 15:00

Why we are recommending this:

Recent events have suggested that donor relationship sometimes suffer because charities don’t have good relationships with their agencies.


Rapidata recommends Rapidata_Logo small

What: What’s wrong with fundraising today?

Who: Mark Phillips, Bluefrog

When: Tuesday 7 July, 16:30

Why Rapidata is recommending this:

The world and his wife are telling fundraisers what is wrong with their profession but here’s a chance to hear sound arguments backed up with evidence – insights that we should all probably take seriously.



What: Finance for fundraisers

Who: James Newell & Silvia Vitiello, Kingston Smith

When: Wednesday 8 July, 09:30

Why Rogare is recommending this:

Not only does this aim to ‘demystify’ finance, it also looks at how fundraising and finance can forge closer relationships.


What: Funding and power

Who: Sophie Pritchard, Nim Ralph & Rose Longhurst, Edge Fund

When: Wednesday 8 July, 11:00

Why Rogare is recommending this:

“A critical look at the power relationships between communities, charities and their funders.” As Rogare develops a new theory of ethics that seeks to balance fundraisers’ duties to their various stakeholders, this seems too good a session to miss.

See also: The Funder-Grantee Relationship: power balance or mission partners?, Wednesday 8 July, 16:30


Rapidata recommends Rapidata_Logo small

What: Better than text: the future of mobile fundraising

Who: Tim Longfoot, Open Fundraising; Helen Pattinson, ActionAid; Kirsty Ramage, Diabetes UK

When: Wednesday 8 July, 11:55

Why Rapidata is recommending this:

Always good to hear about changes in the mobile and payment world.


What: Could behavioural science revolutionise fundraising?

Who: Rupert Tebb, Paper; Alex Tupper, Behavioural Insights Team

When: Wednesday 8 July, 15:00

Why Rogare is recommending this:

If you missed the session on behavioural science on Monday, here’s your failsafe. If Monday’s session really grabbed you, come to this one for more insights.


What: Raising money from people who don’t care

Who: Phil Barden, Decode Marketing; Pat Dade, Cultural Dynamics Strategy & Marketing; Roger Lawson, Revolutionise

When: Wednesday 8 July, 15:00

Why Rogare is recommending this:

More insights from world of behavioural science. Pity it clashes with Rupert Tebb and Alex Tupper’s session.



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