NEWS: New dates for Massive Fundraising Masterclass

The Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University has announced new dates for the Massive Fundraising Masterclass, which it co-hosts with Revolutionise.

The new dates are:

The new dates have been announced due to the October Loch Ness masterclass being sold out, with 10 delegates from Australia, including five CEOs, joining delegates from the USA and Europe.

The Massive Fundraising Masterclass has been created especially for senior executives who wish to focus on long-term, sustainable fundraising growth. It is aimed at senior fundraisers, CEOs and trustees.

The course content focuses on years of research from professors Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang, complemented with dozens of case studies from Alan Clayton and Ken Burnett of Revolutionise. These two knowledge centres were brought together in the publication of the Great Fundraising Report, published in 2013. The report creates the focus around which the rest of the masterclass is designed.

The masterclass focuses on five main themes:

  • How the right brand proposition is essential to sustainable fundraising growth.
  • The kind of leadership required from CEO, executive team and board to allow great fundraising growth to happen.
  • That long-term thinking bringing together proposition, culture and investment is essential.
  • How a head of fundraising must think about managing complex systems throughout their organisation.
  • Putting the donor right at the heart of your organisation.

Professor Adrian Sargeant says:

We created this learning experience for senior fundraisers and their ceos and trustees because we deeply understand how difficult it is to lead transformational change for great fundraising. It is our intention to provide participants a sneak peak into what their 10-year transformational journey would look like, and we take people on to an absolutely draining yet invigorating emotional journey, so they can feel how they might feel in those long years.

“We will help them develop their own path to cope with the thinking and the feeling when they step into that journey.”

Revolutionise’s Alan Clayton says: “When a head of fundraising attends with their CEO, that’s when the magic really happens. Since the last masterclass in March 2015, we have seen over a dozen organisations re-focus and re-launch their fundraising, with massively increased support from their CEO and trustees.”

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