KNOWLEDGE: The ‘donorcentricity’ debate

American blogger and commentator on the nonprofit sector Vu Le kicked off a small storm earlier this year when he challenged the concept of donor-centred fundraising. Critical Fundraising collates some or the debate engendered by Vu Le’s arguments.

KNOWLEDGE: Blog digest June 2017

Each month, the Critical Fundraising blog presents a digest of the best fundraising-related blogs and articles that have adopted a critical fundraising mode of thought. Inclusion in this digest does not indicate that Rogare agrees with any arguments presented, only…

OPINION: How anthropology can give us new insights into donor-centred fundraising

Responding to the debate around donorcentrism, Ashley Scott asks whether fundraisers should look to anthropology to better understand what donorcentrism means, and how it could generate completely new insights into their donors.

OPINION: The Commission on the Donor Experience – a good thing in itself, but philosophically confused

The Commission on the Donor Experience has received an overwhelmingly positive reception. But Ian MacQuillin argues philosophical flaws at its heart mean many of its recommendations are not supported by evidence.