OPINION: Never ending story – postmodern storytelling for postmodern donors

Common wisdom in fundraising is that you need to use ‘storytelling’ to connect donors to causes. But, asks Ashley Scott, are fundraisers talking in the right language to a generation that is fluent in postmodern storytelling techniques?

KNOWLEDGE: Blog digest December 2016

Each month, the Critical Fundraising blog presents a digest of the best fundraising-related blogs and articles that have adopted a critical fundraising mode of thought.

OPINION: The philosophical dispute between fundraising and data protection

Fundraisers and data protection experts appear to have very little common ground on which to talk about ICO’s recent enforcement action. Ian MacQuillin suggests the gulf between the two could be down to different philosophical approaches.

KNOWLEDGE/OPINION: ICO and enforcement action against charities

In December 2016, the Information Commissioner’s Office took enforcement action against the British Heart Foundation and RSPCA for breaching data protection legislation. This page collects the ICO statements and blogs responding to ICO’s action, both critical and in support of…

OPINION: Does the ICO have ‘unreasonable’ expectations about wealth screening?

The UK’s data protection regulator has fined two charities over how they have ‘wealth screened’ current and future donors. Ian MacQuillin ask whether the Information Commissioner’s Office is treating charities differently to companies.