OPINION: The Commission on the Donor Experience – a good thing in itself, but philosophically confused

The Commission on the Donor Experience has received an overwhelmingly positive reception. But Ian MacQuillin argues philosophical flaws at its heart mean many of its recommendations are not supported by evidence.

OPINION: Teach a fundraiser to fish…Rogare’s theory of change for fundraising

Amanda Shepard outlines Rogare’s new theory of change, which aims to move fundraisers away from a ‘copy the case study’ model to a situation where they demand to see the evidence for what they are being told to do.

OPINION: The case of the accidental fundraiser and the need to professionalise fundraising

Is fundraising a ‘profession’? As Rogare publishes a green paper on the subject, Ian MacQuillin argues that it isn’t, and can’t be while you don’t have to know anything about fundraising in order to become a fundraiser.

NEWS: Fundraising needs to professionalise for the sake of future generations of fundraisers

Fundraising falls short of being a ‘profession’ assessed against usual criteria Lack of professional status leads to lack of respect from peers Formal entry route into fundraising needed.