Sourced : UK Defence Journal

By George Allison

Typhoon jets were scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth to intercept two Russian bombers close to UK airspace.

Aircraft from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire were also launched as a “precautionary measure”.

It is understood the Russian Tu-160 Blackjack bombers did not enter UK airspace but flew from Norway and passed to the west of Shetland.

A Royal Air Force spokeswoman said:

“We can confirm that quick reaction alert Typhoon aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth intercepted two Russian Blackjack bombers and escorted them while they were in the UK area of interest. At no point did the Russian aircraft enter UK territorial airspace.”

Recently it was announced that British Typhoon combat aircraft are heading to Japan to join the first-ever UK-Japan joint fighter exercise.

Four Typhoons from No. 2 (AC) Squadron will be visiting Japan with Voyager and C-17 aircraft. The JASDF will be participating with F-2 and F-15 fighter aircraft.

According to a press release, the Chief of Staff of the Japanese Air Self Defence Force, General Yoshiyuki Sugiyama, announced that the first-ever UK-Japan Fighter Exercise would be hosted at JASDF Misawa Air Base from mid-October to early November.

This is the first time for the JASDF to host an exercise with a foreign nation other than the United States.

The Exercise will be aimed at enhancing interoperability to deepen the UK and Japan’s partnership in security and defence.

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