Source: Middle East Monitor

Israeli analysts close to the military institution hinted that Tel Aviv carried out the rocket attack in Syria on Sunday night, Arab48 reported yesterday.

The leading Israeli media expert on military and defence issues, Amos Harel, wrote in Haaretz that the rocket attack targeted large warehouses that likely include surface-to-surface ministers that Iran sought to deploy in Syria.

In a report published last week, Harel noted that Israel and the US had been monitoring Iranian trucks heading to Syria.

He also reported remarks by the Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman who said that Israel would never allow Iran to build bases to launch rockets from Syria.

The analyst expected that the attack targeted a large warehouse likely in an effort to undermine a potential Iranian retaliation for Israel’s targeting of the T-4 base two weeks ago.

Analysts added that they do not expect Israel to acknowledge that it had carried out the attack.

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