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  • eBuddi helps towards Sierra Leone’s Ebola-free status

    — This post was written by Elizabeth Seymour — The 6th November marks 42 days since the last case of Ebola in Sierra Leone – meaning the country can be officially declared Ebola-free. This is a massive achievement for the local health professional and communities, and eBuddi has been credited as playing a role in […]

  • Shortlisted – European Union Health Innovation Award

    — This post was written by Arunangsu Chatterjee — Yet again, another piece of work we started has been shortlisted for an EU Health Innovation Award. The project relates to a digital toolkit designed to provide a virtual classroom, and which has been used to train health care workers about infection prevention and control in countries affected […]

  • Gamification of e-BUDDI Ebola PPE training module

    — This post was written by Elizabeth Seymour — It was interesting to see how they bought a whole new gaming perspective to our usual methods of designing and implementing eLearning, and how we learned to compromise our approaches to create a simulation module that involved all the good pedagogical principles of eLearning, with the […]

  • Developmental challenges of global distributed simulation

    — This post was written by Elizabeth Seymour — The PPE project had many different stakeholders in many different locations, and project managing for the development team required us to work in ways completely new to the team. The main people we were working with were based in several different parts of the UK, and […]

  • Distributed Simulation for rapid infection control: A pilot for EBOLA

    — This post was written by Arunangsu Chatterjee — There has been some success in the control of the outbreak, but with the loss of nearly 500 health workers’ lives, over 7,000 lives in communities and an even greater mortality indirectly through reduction in normal health service provision. Hotspots of infection and new cases are […]