PUPSMD (Medicine) Education half day

All welcome! Bring a colleague!

Theme of Education half day: the evolution of the bmbs course

1330 Tea, coffee sandwiches and mingling


1400 Introductions

  1. ICE BREAKER: talk to the person next to you and:

Talk about one of the following:

  • Something  that you have seen at a conference that you would like to share / input back into the school
  • Something that you have learned through a course that you would like to share / input back in to the school (ie a new system)
  • Something that you are doing that is interesting (ie scholarship or a course). All

Overview of the day – PUPSMD educational events, brief intro to the new DLE and associated awards, brief outline of some of the core educational principles underpinning the BMBS course, outline of afternoon and instructions) TC and AC


1445 The evolving BMBS course at PUPSMD

Delegates working in designated groups (n = 4) to revolve round the following stations in 15 minute timed intervals 

  • LSRC and the biomedical sciences: Siobhan Moyes (Year 1 LSRC Coordinator) and Alina Beltechi (Year 2 LSRC coordinator and co lead for biomedical sciences in years 3 and 4)
  • What’s new in Tel Med: AC and team (TelMed)
  • Tweaks to PBL: Kerry Gilbert (Lead Small group Facilitator for year 1 PBL)
  • Years 3 and 4 update: Hisham Khalil (Director of Clinical Studies and Interprofessional Learning) and Iain Robinson (Lead for the SSL component)

The facilitators at each station will spend a brief few minutes (or more if necessary) updating each group on improvements to their area. They might then expect group members to ask questions for clarification, to come up with ideas for the future or to  think about how the educational principles outlined in te introductory session are being met. Individuals might also want to think about scholarship and where ideas might overlap. A member of the facilitator team will take notes on this to feedback at the end of the session. 

1530 Regroup in lecture theatre. Each facilitator to spend 5 minutes rounding up what was said and what was learned
1600 Close: final thoughts, post its (suggestions how we can grow these events as a team), dates of next events (DES awards) and next education half day and barbecue. Raffle.


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