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PUPSMD Division of Education and Scholarship (DES)


Within PUPSMD many members have teaching focused contracts and are engaged in (and committed to) delivering and developing Bioscience, Dental, Medical (and more recently Physician Associate) teaching to exceptionally high standards. Our work is innovative, is often based on scholarship of educational ideas and at the same time contributes to scholarship by producing ideas worth sharing with others. Whilst the HEA and the universities have produced useful frameworks and guidelines for organising and progressing teaching focused careers, within faculties there exists little formal and organised support for developing teaching and scholarship. Such support could prove instrumental in: providing a sense of an academic home for staff, for sharing ideas and collaboration, for generating new ideas and ultimately for pushing the boundaries of educational thought and scholarship (contributing to higher education nationally and internationally). Taking a previous faculty intervention as a starting point (the PCMD DME model), we are developing a new educational community to sit alongside and overlap with the PUPSMD educational research group CAMERA (The Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research and Assessment). Our proposal is outlined below.


  1. To provide an academic home for all educators contributing to the faculty.
  2. To support the personal and professional development of all educators contributing to the faculty programmes.
  3. To support the achievement of teaching and learning excellence, effective practice and continuous improvement
  4. To develop, define and reward excellence in education practice and scholarship.
  5. To link education practice, scholarship and research to the benefit of the faculty programmes and educators involved in their delivery.
  6. To provide a communication channel to a. promoting awareness, collaboration and integration of different parts of the each programme within the faculty and b. support the sharing of best practice and resources.
  7. To provide the platform for finding out about and trying innovative and contemporary educational approaches.
  8. To provide a critical mass of educational expertise in order to give a competitive advantage in the achievement of the highest quality teaching and learning excellence in Bioscience, Dental, Physician Associate and Medical Education.
  9. To offer a forum for wide engagement to evolve and enhance the curriculum and to build a strong educational environment and culture.
  10. To provide a creative space for original thinking about education.

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