Could you help with Covid-19 research? Survey of Children’s health care during the pandemic

Parent’s help seeking for, and care of, a sick or injured child during Covid-19 pandemic Stay Home period: a new national survey

The University of Plymouth has launched a survey to find out how the Stay Home advice during the pandemic has influenced parents’ decision making and care of sick or injured children.

The survey results will advance understanding of how these extraordinary times are affecting parents thinking about, and perception of, access to services for children when they are sick or injured. Nationally the number of children being seen in primary care and emergency departments has dropped substantially in the UK since the advice to ‘Stay Home’.

This has led to concern that some children are getting treatment late in the course of an illness and it is assumed that this is because parents are worried about seeking help. The findings from this survey will provide the evidence to underpin the development of information for parents to help them get help for their children when they need it during the pandemic and afterwards.

The University of Plymouth are collaborating with University College London, University of Leicester, University of Northampton, South West Academic Health Science Network, Derriford Hospital, the ASK SNIFF team and parent panel, Mother’s Instinct support group, Meningitis Now, the Meningitis Research Foundation and the UK Sepsis Trust.


Can you help us understand how the Stay Home advice has influenced how parents get help for a sick or injured child?

To complete the survey, visit:

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