Tenancy Advice and Contract Checking Service

Have you recently signed a new tenancy contract, or are you about to do so?  Would you like some free advice as to your rights and liabilities under the contract?  Do you need advice in relation to any other tenancy issues?

The Tenancy Advice Centre (part of Plymouth Law School’s Law Clinic) is now offering a free tenancy advice service for students, including help with checking tenancy contracts.

Tenancy contracts are complex legal documents, which may impose significant restrictions and obligations on tenants, including hidden costs.  Our service means that we can check your contract for you and give you advice about any potentially problematic terms.

If you would like to take advantage of our tenancy contract checking service, please e-mail a copy of your tenancy contract to tenancyadvice@plymouth.ac.uk.  We will then review your contract and arrange an appointment with you to provide advice as to its terms.

Equally, if you would like help with any other tenancy issues, please e-mail tenancyadvice@plymouth.ac.uk for an appointment.

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