The Student Advocate in the Plymouth Business School

Who is the Student Advocate?

Ms Ricky Lowes 

Plymouth Business School | Room 241 |

+44 (0)1752 585711


What is a Student Advocate?

The role of the Student Advocate is to ensure that the students’ views are represented effectively and that these views inform decisions and developments made in the Business School.

This is done by:

  1. Working with Course Reps

Course reps can come and talk to me at any time if they have any queries about how to be most effective in their role. I support and mentor the reps to ensure they are as effective as they can be in representing your views.  My role is to help them present your ideas to the appropriate members of staff who will take these ideas forward.

  1. Monitoring the effectiveness of student facing communications

I want to make sure the information students want and need is communicated to them as effectively as possible, (and that students are aware of their responsibility in turn to communicate in a timely and professional manner with others).

  1. Working with other members of the School Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee to ensure parity of opportunities and representation for all students.

Students are welcome to approach me in my surgery hours to bring to my attention any issues or needs that a particular group or groups of students may have.  Where action is needed, I will advocate on their behalf.

  1. Encouraging the take up of feedback opportunities, particularly the SPQ (Student Perception Questionnaire) and the NSS (National Student Survey – for final year students only)

I believe that input from students in the form of feedback is essential to allow the Business School to be aware of both student appreciation of good practice (which will be built on) and of their concerns (which will be addressed).

  1. Liaising with students from Partner Colleges to ensure the best possible transition for them, both before and after their arrival at Plymouth University.


  1. Being the final line of support for students when other routes have failed

For example, if you feel you have exhausted the procedures suggested for dealing with an issue via your course reps, your School rep, your programme leader or your personal tutor, you can approach me. I liaise with the appropriate people to make sure the School deals with unresolved issues effectively.


My Office Hours / Student Advocate Surgery hours are 4-5 pm Monday Thursday.  Feel free to come by at any of these times.  Other appointments are possible – please email:

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