After Esther Leslie on Milk – image poem by Katy Richardson

Mother (nature)

Spurting sentiment

Messy, wet nostalgia of suckling

The first surfeit of unaccustomed food

The first warm connection

Brown teat in white mouth

Industrialise! The White Revolution! Down with the vegan agenda!

Mammy Mehturt, wolf-suckle, heavenly cow

Mercurial milk of The Best and Most Agreeable Wet Nurse

Beware the black snake, uninvited milk-sibling

Beware Hera, her anguished scatterings of stars

Capital streams into pinching pouches, unpaused

Untouched, aseptic

Unchallenged contextomy

Untouched by the filth of human mindlessness

Milk of human blindness

Mechanically ejaculated

Hidden in pyramids

A substance geometry, like Adam’s concrete

Modular, space-saving, profit-tightening

Dumb, passive cow, teats heaving?

We can’t sell that – get a cat in

A chromatic aberration, Goethe’s prism encased

Refracting the colourless (white) within

A canvas for a thousand flavourings, or white, or every other colour

Colours at the edge of spiritualism, colours under my pressed eyelids

Imaginable and unimaginable



A palette for a thousand nightmares, the bomb’s corona mushrooming onto pageant suits of white, or every other colour

The Dairy Queens’ camera-ready grins of white, or every other colour

The blinded eyes of white, or every other colour

Or black, like daybreak

Lit from inside the glass like Hitchcock


Image poem by Katy Richardson

After Esther LeslieMilk

Visiting Artist Talk, 05 December 2017, Plymouth

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