FIT success for weight loss

Our trial of FIT for weight loss has been published in the International Journal of Obesity. Participants who received FIT loss 5 times as much weight as those who received an active control group. This finding has generated a lot of media interest. You can read the University of Plymouth press release here. We are endeavouring to reply to everyone who has enquired about FIT but in the meantime, please read our answers to Functional Imagery Training FAQs.

2 thoughts on “FIT success for weight loss

  1. Jackie Elton

    please keep my up to date on FIT, i would like to know when the Ios app is released and if there are FIT practioners in London.

  2. Thomas Cunliffe

    hi there, I’m really interested in your new FIT technique for losing weight. Could you please keep me up to date with any trained practitioners in the Manchester area you approve. Alternatively, i am now retired and have time to perhaps attend your training course??


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