Sustainability Education Through GSeL

Wednesday 28th June 2017
2.00-4.30 pm
Babbage Room 406

This will be an immersive training opportunity to explore Sustainability Education through the use of simulations and games as an active and participatory teaching and learning approach.
Led by Prof Harold Glasser from Western Michigan University this workshop will introduce Catch© a simulation game that enables students to explore individual and collective management of a renewable natural resource such as fish. This face-to-face systems dynamic simulation game has been developed by a multi-disciplinary team and uses two ostensibly conflicting goals to explore the possibility of eliciting common pool resource management and decision-making. The game has two systems goals:

(1) Catch as many fish as you can and

(2) Leave the fishery in the state you found it. The game utilises a common pool resource setting, with realistic resource dynamics, that produces a systematic effect on the socio-ecological simulated environment.

This game provides an excellent example of a new, core-competency based approach to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and responding to institutional initiatives such as the Plymouth Compass. It is a resource that we are looking to utilise here at Plymouth over the coming academic year alongside other simulation approaches that will be briefly outlined by Paul Warwick, Centre for Sustainable Futures Lead.

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