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Information Security is everyone’s business, whether at work or in your personal life the protection of personal, sensitive or financial data is very important; the consequences of not looking after it could have serious implications to the organisation or to you and your family.

The management of information security covers three core themes, availability, confidentiality and integrity. These elements determine how much emphasis should be used to protect the data.

Staff Student Personal Data
Availability If the student or staff records or finance system were not available, the disruption to the business would be significant. If you have an impending deadline and cannot access the coursework submission system and you are not on campus, this could be detrimental impact to your studies. What would happen if you were not able to access the Internet (via any means) to pay for goods or services?
Confidentiality If you require the assistance of counselling or chaplaincy services, this data must not be controlled tightly to ensure other people can’t access it who have no business need to see it. Would you want someone accessing your personal bank account and removing funds?
Integrity Would you want anyone to be able to send emails? Alter your work or personal details? Or impersonate you? Would you want someone altering your social media content (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) for you?

Information Security week aims to provide information to all members of the organisation on current topics that affect everyone and how they can be addressed to make our data more secure.

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** LATEST ** Information Security Awareness Week starts on the 31st of October ’til the 4th of November, details can be found here


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