Day 4 – Securing Data

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Securing Data

Why should you secure your data?

It’s important to ensure that your data is secure in both home and work environments. Data, most importantly personal data, can be extremely valuable to an attacker. Attackers normally aim to gather as much personal data as they can to sell on for profit, often damaging the victims life, especially when it comes to finances. This is similar within a work environment. Data gathered from a work environment could hold intellectual information that could be sold to a rival company by an attacker, or enable targeted communications (yes, more phishing!) to senior members within the organisation. This is why it is important that you understand how to keep personal and sensitive data secured when storing or transporting it.

How do you Secure your Data?

Securing your data can be done in different ways and often depends on the media (e.g. Paper, USB memory stick) the data is on. The best way to secure data that is stored on your personal or work machine is to use encryption. Encryption is easy to enable and is supported by most devices. The benefit of enabling encryption is that nobody will be able to gain access to the data on your device without your password/passphrase (make sure its a strong one). This doesn’t impact performance or the functionality of your device, it just ensures that if anyone was to obtain your files, they wont be able to read them (as they need the decryption key (password)) whilst they’re encrypted. More information on encryption is available below.


For further information, come on down to the Infosec table

The location of our Infosec table is listed below, the table will be manned from 1pm ’til 2pm.

Thursday – Plymouth University library, Main entrance
Friday – Roland Levinsky Building, Ground Floor near the lecture theatres

Extra Securing Data information and help




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