Day 5 – Ongoing Protection

Ongoing Protection

How can you protect your data?

So far this week we have been looking at problems that you may encounter – it is not as bleak as it may seem though – there are easy and sensible steps you can take to protect your information.

The first step to setting up ongoing protection is to ensure that you are not already infected. There are many Anti-Malware tools available that will check and clean any infection that your device may have. Its crucial that you do this as a first step (for example, changing the locks on a door that doesn’t close will not stop others gaining access).

More information on Anti-Malware and the suggested programs that could be used which supply a free initial scan can be found here.

After you have scanned and cleaned your device of any malware, you should install a Anti-Malware suite. Most of these companies supply a free version of their suites alongside paid-for versions. Once a suite is installed you should initiate a full scan to ensure there are no issues with your device.

Information regarding Anti-Malware suites that are recommended can be found here under Anti-Malware software.

Next you have to understand your environment and how you can stay protected within it. Since the majority of home and work environments are different they require you to act differently to maintain your protection. At home, it may be fine to leave your computer unlocked or with sensitive documents on your desk whilst you get a drink. However, in the work environment this is a big risk as anyone could access your computer and read, edit or forward those sensitive documents.

Overall this section is about changing how you think when you’re in different environments and how to ensure that you think about security on a daily basis. Further information on environmental awareness can be found here: Awareness of your environmentLocking your devicesThink before you click!

For further information, come on down to the Infosec table

The location of our Infosec table is listed below, the table will be manned from 1pm till 2pm.

Friday – Roland Levinsky Building, Ground Floor near the lecture theatres


Hopefully this week has provided some useful information, if you think there are topics that you would like to see addressed in the future or would like to provided feedback, either bring these to the Infosec table or email infosecurity @


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