Think before you click!

The concept of “think before you click” is actually one of the most important factors in terms of information security as this is usually the starting point to all incidents.

Before you send an email, download a file(s) from the internet, or click on a link, think!

Think to yourself is the content I’m sending relevant and appropriate? Is this file from a trustworthy source? Does this link look legitimate? Remember the easiest way to fall foul of your account being compromised is by clicking a link in a phishing email and providing your account details …..

Try to avoid clicking on pop-up advertisements (as these are easily ‘poisoned’ and may deliver malicious files after clicking on them), don’t visit areas of the internet you know you shouldn’t, use legitimated sources and mostly, stay away from any illegal activates. Follow your gut instinct; if something doesn’t look right, seems too good to be true or doesn’t feel right, stay away.


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