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I’d promised that I would blog informally and regularly in an attempt to share interesting tidbits broadly across the Faculty and increase our internal communication. My excuse for not doing so thus far was that the mechanism wasn’t in place. It now is!

There is interesting news to share: As (hopefully) all of you are aware, we are celebrating our new identity as the “Faculty of Science and Engineering”. There are many reasons behind changing the name of the Faculty but it is principally to ensure that we make it clear that the University does value the academic disciplines and professions covered by Engineering!

It’s also important to note that we’re not in any sense devaluing our commitment to the subject of the Environment and that will be very prominent in the new Institutes that are currently under development. This area is not covered by just our Faculty and is genuinely a pan-University focus.

On a different note, I attended a number of the subject talks at our Applicant Day last weekend and was very impressed with the content and enthusiasm of the staff involved. It was wonderful to see the engagement with prospective students, and it is quite clear that students who visit such an event are very likely to come to Plymouth. A sincere “well done” to all involved. I think it would be good if we could share best practices across all subject areas so that all potential students get the best possible experience during such events, and we’ll set up some workshops to celebrate “star quality” and disseminate good ideas across the board.

Please do send me items that you think worth sharing across the Faculty (and beyond) and I will try to mention them here going forward.


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