Anti-Phishing Campaign

The Strategy & Architecture team, led by Adrian Hollister, have led a concerted counter-attack on Phishing emails, which have become prevalent in the Higher Education sector.
TIS Business Partner Natasha Harden and Account Manager Naomi Fenn developed a pilot campaign, hinged around well advertised cafe forums, eye-catching marketing materials and a social media strategy.
Working alongside Communications Officer Michael Paraskeva and fellow Business Partner Dave Fleming, the team hosted initial show and tell sessions over lunchtimes in communal staff areas, such as the cafe in John Bull Building.  The sessions provided staff and students with an opportunity to discuss their concerns and experiences, as well as enabling them to develop strategies to avoid any future security breaches.
The sessions were sured up by an eye catching, informative leaflet, disseminated to all staff within the faculty. The campaign was received so well by staff that it will be now rolled out across the university by the Communications Officer.”

Anti Phishing

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