Core Blimey – instant Apple support at Plymouth University

It’s been a few months now since The Core has been launched.  It’s our front line support desk and shop for Apple products within Plymouth University.   Open afternoons and some mornings, anyone from the University (staff or students) can turn up for advise or help.

Moving the support function for Apple to Amsys has been a great experience.  They are providing top quality support, advise and services; and they are now fronting that through The Core.

Located in our Roland Levinsky building next to the cafe and other high traffic areas The Core is more than just a support desk, it’s a visible presence of IT that allows the business and our students to gain the benefits of our highly skilled staff without the usual pain of process and call logging that normally applies.

There was a great example today, where one of the lecturers was trying to use a new high resolution scanner that was not supported by the fleet computers.  Here is a great quote from Mike, “Previously I would have had to send software requests and complete spreadsheets that could take days but today I walked over to ‘The Core’ next to the illustration studio and was able to get the correct driver installed in less than two minutes by a member of the Amsys team. This made my job so much easier and was a huge improvement over the previous Mac support system we had to endure.”

So, a big congratulations to the Amsys and Plymouth University IT teams – this is exactly how our service should be provided to our customers!

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