PUPSMD Faculty Awayday

I attended the PUPSMD faculty awayday at St Mellion on 30 April.  This was the first of these since the faculty incorporated the School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences.  The day opened with presentations from Ray Playford and Vikki Matthews as well as a review of the past year and the challenges of the coming year from the Dean.  Some interesting points to emerge from Rob’s address included:

  • Mandate for staff to engage with Moodle training and to contribute to the growth
  • Requiring academic staff to ensure their Symplectic Elements entries and PPPs were up to date
  • Greater integration and collaboration across schools and with the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

A wide range of breakout sessions were run including ‘Preparing for Moodle’ and ‘Managing Email’ and a range of exhibition and poster stands evidenced an emphasis on interaction and discussion.  This provided useful for me in my BP role as I was able to meet and talk with a range of colleagues I hadn’t previously encountered.  I was also able to make use of the S&A customer engagement training when I was press ganged into playing the role of a doctor in a simulation of a problem based learning case exercise!


Good customer engagement style – shame about the medical knowledge



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