Plymouth University’s Phishing Line is cast out to support our end users

The University receives (on average, based on figures from July 2014 up until January 2015) 305,000 email messages every day, the first line of defence is our mailhubs that filter out approximately 80% of all incoming email – due to badly formed or known spam messages.

This system does work well, but it doesn’t prevent all phishing emails reaching end users, as such Strategy & Architecture have launched the Phishing Line, which is a collection of known about Phishing Emails that have been reported within Plymouth University.

It is designed to allow people to quickly check on whether an email can just be deleted, or needs to be reported to the Service Desk for further examination.

It is anticipated that this will assist in the constant battle against Phishing Emails.

Remember: your University account is for your use only, do not provide your password to anyone, if you are unsure about whether an email is genuine or not ask as opposed to clicking links, providing your details and having your account disabled.

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