External use of Plymouth University account credentials

Plymouth University provide Single Sign On (SSO) to allow access to University approved resources without having to keep typing in your username and password; some of these resources include:

  • Digital Learning Environment (DLE)
  • Outlook Web Access (online email)
  • Library System (Alma) and e-resources
  • Timetabling
  • Lynda.com (online tutorials)
  • Office365 *
  • WorkRite (DSE assessment)
  • It is really important to NEVER use your Plymouth University credentials (username and password) to sign up to external websites.

    Any online resource that requires registration (including a username and password) must use a different combination of credentials, if the external site is compromised your Plymouth account details will be compromised too …

    * For students at present, although the Collaboration project will address the migration for staff, please refer to the Collaborate page for further details

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