About Strategy and Architecture

Strategy and Architecture defines the IT strategy and architecture of TIS and engages with the faculties and directorates in the University to enable them to effectively exploit technology. Comprised of Business Partners, Account Managers, Technical Architects and Enterprise Architects, we aim to effectively engage with you to enable you to understand how we can support you and facilitate turning your opportunities into outcomes. Business Partners and Account Managers engage with and advocate on behalf of the business to enable the fullest exploitation of technology for teaching, learning and research. By creating sustainable relationships, we help the business investigate opportunities and carry out investigations and scoping studies leading to the initiation of projects and change activities. We want to understand the capacity and constraints of IT in your area in order to improve our service to you and partner you through governance, strategy and change activities. Technical Architects map the “as is” current IT infrastructure, technology, systems and processes and, informed by the business drivers and objectives gathered by Business Partners and Account Managers. Enterprise Architecture consists of a lead team of Architects and extends to the wider community through the Enterprise Architecture Practice. Calling in skills from around the University (staff and student) and from external bodies, this team will articulate and design a high level vision, or roadmap, for the “to be” IT architecture, that conforms with architectural principles. This will enable the delivery of business goals such as the digital strategy. Please click here to find out more information about your representatives and to contact us.

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