Principle 15: Requirements-Based Change

Classification:  Technology Principle

Statement: Only in response to business needs are changes to applications and technology made.

Rationale: This principle will foster an atmosphere where the information environment changes, in a timely and controlled manner, in response to the needs of the business, rather than having the business change in response to IT changes. This is to ensure that the purpose of the information support — the transaction of business — is the basis for any proposed change. Unintended effects on business due to IT changes will be minimised. A change in technology may provide an opportunity to improve the business process and, hence, change business needs.


  • Changes in implementation will follow full examination of the proposed changes using the enterprise architecture.
  • We will not fund a technical improvement or system development unless a documented business need exists.
  • Change management processes conforming to this principle will be developed and implemented.
  • Agreed changes will be implemented in a timely manner.
  • We must ensure the requirements documentation process does not hinder responsive change to meet legitimate business needs. The purpose of this principle is to keep us focused on business, not technology needs — responsive change is also a business need.