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Core Architectural Policies & Procedures


Enterprise Architecture Strategies

Enterprise Architecture Internal Procedures

Enterprise Architecture Technical Policies

Enterprise Information Management Policies

Enterprise Information Management Guidelines

Security Policies

Information Security Policies

  • SEC-POL-001 – Patching Policy
  • SEC-POL-002 – Server Naming Policy  (requires University account to access)
  • SEC-POL-003 – Payment Card Security Policy
  • SEC-POL-004 – Privileged Administrative Accounts
  • SEC-POL-005 – Security Incident Response Policy
  • SEC-POL-006 – Use of Removable Media Policy
  • SEC-POL-007 – Discretionary Membership Policy
  • SEC-POL-008 – Network Security – Access Control Policy
  • SEC-POL-009 – Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Policy
  • SEC-POL-010 – Web Filtering Policy
  • SEC-POL-011 – Anti-Malware Software Policy
  • SEC-POL-012 – Security Incident Communication Policy
  • SEC-POL-013 – Account Lockout Policy
  • SEC-POL-014 – Anti-Spoofing Policy

Security Procedures

Security Guidelines

Security Information